Flawed and Free

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Located on the east coast of the United States is Easton Bay, a city that used to go undisturbed. “Used” being the operative word. Two years ago, a group of extraordinary individuals were recorded in Peregrine Ridge, exposing themselves and their kind to the entire world. These young adults, known as Personifications, are creatures of pure human emotion, capable of incredible things that normal human beings could never imagine. The government immediately realized Personifications could be useful, so they assigned them daily trainings in the fields of combat, interrogation, and assassination, and also deployed them on various intense assignments around the world.

Re-opened: 20th of January 2013


Age: 24
Cam Gigandet


The son of an ambassador and a socialite, Kent was raised with all of the best things in life, everything his parents had to give him.  He took all of it and wanted more.  Coddled and spoiled by his parents and most everyone else that knew him, Kent was brought up in a bubble of validation.  His parents were enablers and although trouble appeared wherever he went, he almost never faced any consequences for it;  which is how he’s managed to avoid the manor until the ripe age of 24. 

Kent didn’t want to go to the estate and his family used every favor they had to stall the inevitable.  His father was convinced to turn him over, however, after a series of deaths that many believe Kent is, in some way, connected to.  Several corrupt senators were found in various grisly tableaus; some appeared to have died by their own hand, others murdered, but all were involved in varying degrees of scandal, including adultery, drugs and extortion.   So, under threat of being cut-off, Kent has arrived at Easton Bay and although he’s not happy to be here, he is confident he’ll find some way to have his fun.


hedonistic, manipulative, selfish, fun-loving, reckless;


Sin empowerment: The user is empowered and strengthened by sins (Pride, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, and others). The more sins others commit, the more powerful the user becomes in physical strength, speed and healing.


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