Flawed and Free

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Located on the east coast of the United States is Easton Bay, a city that used to go undisturbed. “Used” being the operative word. Two years ago, a group of extraordinary individuals were recorded in Peregrine Ridge, exposing themselves and their kind to the entire world. These young adults, known as Personifications, are creatures of pure human emotion, capable of incredible things that normal human beings could never imagine. The government immediately realized Personifications could be useful, so they assigned them daily trainings in the fields of combat, interrogation, and assassination, and also deployed them on various intense assignments around the world.

Re-opened: 20th of January 2013


Age: 27
Henry Cavill


Basil was a very late bloomer, regarding his powers. But before that even happened, Basil was known for being the good child in town and people couldn’t help but like him. Everyone viewed him as compassionate and even if he often got in trouble with his favorite cousin Lucian, Basil could easily win others over by simply being who he is. The boy always had time to listen to other’s problems and understand people in ways no one else could. Don’t let that fool you though. He may have looked like the big guy with the soft heart, but that was hardly the case. He simply had the ability to intellectually identify himself with anyone. Even if he found it in himself to show compassion from time to time, that wasn’t a part of his nature. Basil’s only real interest was to vicariously experience others feelings, thoughts or attitude.

One day he met a man, resting on a bridge,  and driven by his curiosity and need to understand the man’s purposes and private thoughts, Basil started a chat with him. It was by the end of it when he finally realized the man had suicide in his mind. Just as the thought occurred in his mind, the man made the little step that was about to end his life. Basil’s primal reaction was to grab the man and keep him on the bridge, but instead got dragged down over the edge with him. The adrenaline and terror that consumed him were the cause for his wings to finally appear. Ripping the clothes on his back, the big angelic wings grew in the matter of seconds, thus saving both Basil and the man. Right after the accident, Basil’s first act was to run to his closest friend and family member, Lucian, and share the tale. It was then that he found out Lucian and him were in fact related in more than one ways.


Basil is a good guy, when in the mood. His need for understanding people is purely scientific, not because of the goodness in his heart like most people seem to think.  He’s compassionate, but not enough to spend the night with you, holding your hand and telling you everything will be okay.


- Angelic Physiology;

- Basil’s primary power is that of natural flight, due to his large feathered wings. His wings have superhuman strength, and they have a very flexible skeletal structure that enables him to press them to the back of his torso and legs with only the slightest bulge visible under his clothing. His bones are hollow, his body processes food more efficiently than a normal human body and does not store any excess fat, and he possesses a greater proportionate muscle mass than normal. As a result, his strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, eyesight, and hearing are at their peak. Elements of his anatomy are comparable to those of birds. His superhumanly sharp eyes can withstand high-speed winds which would damage the average human eye. He can breathe at high velocities or altitudes, and he can cope with the reduced temperatures at high altitudes for prolonged periods of time, giving him a greater-than-normal capacity to endure low temperatures in areas such as the Arctic. The strength in his natural wings can easily break a man’s arm or leg, or even put someone through a wall.

- His wings can grow at any point he wants them to and stay hidden when he doesn’t need them. 


  • Hand to Hand combat
  • Vechicles training


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