Flawed and Free

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Located on the east coast of the United States is Easton Bay, a city that used to go undisturbed. “Used” being the operative word. Two years ago, a group of extraordinary individuals were recorded in Peregrine Ridge, exposing themselves and their kind to the entire world. These young adults, known as Personifications, are creatures of pure human emotion, capable of incredible things that normal human beings could never imagine. The government immediately realized Personifications could be useful, so they assigned them daily trainings in the fields of combat, interrogation, and assassination, and also deployed them on various intense assignments around the world.

Re-opened: 20th of January 2013


Age: 22
: Sloth
 Jake Abel


Roger is the kind of guy who embodies indifference. He really and truly doesn’t care about anything. He used to care, about his mother. She was the only person who was there for her and who loved him completely and totally. But she suffered from great depression. When he was fourteen she killed herself, leaving Roger completely and utterly alone. He decided from that point on that caring was useless, and he would never care again. 


Roger truly and completely doesn’t care. If he is bothered by anyone he will just walk away and completely ignore a situation he doesn’t want to deal with. 


Time Manipulation - The ability to stop, jump forward, or jump backward in time. (Is only able to stop it briefly. User has random spurts of time-jumping when emotions are high);


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