Flawed and Free

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Located on the east coast of the United States is Easton Bay, a city that used to go undisturbed. “Used” being the operative word. Two years ago, a group of extraordinary individuals were recorded in Peregrine Ridge, exposing themselves and their kind to the entire world. These young adults, known as Personifications, are creatures of pure human emotion, capable of incredible things that normal human beings could never imagine. The government immediately realized Personifications could be useful, so they assigned them daily trainings in the fields of combat, interrogation, and assassination, and also deployed them on various intense assignments around the world.

Re-opened: 20th of January 2013

What sort of applications are you wanting see, more females or males?

Hey there, this RP is actually closed at the moment. Though it’s nice to see there is still an interest, so who knows. Maybe you’ll see us tossing out things in the future, but until then, hang tight.

Do you let people know if they're rejected from the RP?

Yes, we inform people in both cases. 


How active is this rp?

I’d say a 7 on a scale of 10, but half the people are busy with finals right now, so we hope it picks up when the month is done :) 

Wow, i'm totally gutted! I love this rp and spent like an hour going through all the rules/characters and I totally overlooked the over 17 rule. You wouldn't accept someone who was 16, would you? If not, I understand! :) x

I’m sorry, but we are sticking to our age rule :( 

~ Chris


Boys Party!

Chatzy - Girls Slumber Party

Here is the link a little early, I shall be in and out of it when I can. Have fun and remember, NO BOYS ALLOWED!


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Avery is watching you.

And here’s a dancing pup for you all.